J Marie Jewelry


I have spent over 20 years living in West Africa and love the diversity of shape, texture and the vibrant colours of the traditional beads made throughout the countries in this part of the world.
I have visited the bead ‘factories’ and experienced the unique way the artisans use recycled glass to produce these beads.

The beads are cast from molten glass, after having been fired in clay ovens using processes perfected over centuries.

Having produced necklaces for myself using these beads, I have now put together a collection of jewelry pieces using these same glass beads. Each piece is unique. Because the beads are handmade, they are sometimes not uniform, there can also be impurities, but I believe this adds to their character and beauty. They are very tactile. I make each piece by looking at my collection of beads and selecting the combinations that I feel are most pleasing, I hope you also like my choices.Some are symmetric, some asymmetric, but certainly there will never be another piece the same as the one you purchase.

If you choose to purchase a necklace it will be carefully  packed in a fabric pouch made from local material from Ghana.
Thank you for looking.